The Noise of Now

Driving is seldom considered to be a quiet activity. Road noise levels vary according to the budget one has for buying a car—the more expensive the car, generally the less drone from pavement noise. At least I know this is so in a large expensive car, say a Cadillac, from the rare experiences that I have had riding in one.
I think, however, that in various countries no matter what the model of car that you might find yourself driving in, it will be noisy. There is loud, louder, and crazy loud. I don’t think that it is possible to not notice the road noise in places like Romania. Not only do your ears get a work out while driving, but you can easily develop a habit of yelling from trying to talk while driving and bouncing around on the rough roads. It tires a person out just being the passenger on a Romanian road trip.
There was a time when my husband and I were driving in eastern Washington with the windows open. We had driven for miles next to large tracts of empty spaces and farmland. There seldom was a car that passed by. We stopped to stretch our legs at one point. When we turned off the car, the absolute silence was amazing, almost frightening. There was not a sound of a bird, wind, trees, just the sound of nothingness. Being accustomed to lots of busy activity, the sound of silence made us feel very uncomfortable, and we left shortly after stopping.
Just this week, this experience came to mind and caused me to reflect on my comfort with silence. I am not comfortable with it at all! The Bible talks about hearing God’s voice in the silence. The more active and busy I am, the greater my stress levels. I have been reminded that stopping to rest, to let the silence slow me down to bring refreshment, can be more important than rushing on hearing nothing but the drone of a fast paced race through life. We can only hear our own voices in the noisy now of our lives. God’s voice to us is gentle and quiet, unstressed. Which voice do you find yourself seeking time for?

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1 Response to The Noise of Now

  1. Kristiina says:

    What a wonderful reminder! Great thoughts!!!!!

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