All Mapped Out

The turning of the calendar page from one year to another is like pulling out a map to check if the direction you thought you were heading is still correct.  If it is new territory, the map may indicate certain sites that we will see along the way, but there may be unmarked sites that will surprise us.

It was a favorite activity of mine while we lived overseas to check out new roads on our way home from a meeting somewhere. I would pull out the map and look for any possible way to entice my patient husband to try a new route so that we could see something new and interesting. Sometimes we would happen to be in an area where the map indicated “ancient ruins”, a sure way to bring out my best persuasive urgings to go that route. On many occasions, we were surprised along the way to see a castle or historical site that wasn’t marked on the map. We would stop, jump out and look around delightedly, take pictures, and head out again. I remember one time we went a bit out of our way excited to see to an “ancient ruin” that was marked on the map, only to discover that there was absolutely nothing there to see.

The New Year can be an exciting journey when God holds and directs the map of our life. I am learning that you have to be an accepting passenger and let Him decide the route. Sometimes I try to keep circling around the past, like looking for ancient ruins that no longer exist. It would be much better to sit back, enjoy the surprise castles and sites that He brings my way. I guess that is part of the road map of faith and trust that we get to look at again with the start of the New Year.

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