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All Mapped Out

The turning of the calendar page from one year to another is like pulling out a map to check if the direction you thought you were heading is still correct.  If it is new territory, the map may indicate certain … Continue reading

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The Noise of Now

Driving is seldom considered to be a quiet activity. Road noise levels vary according to the budget one has for buying a car—the more expensive the car, generally the less drone from pavement noise. At least I know this is … Continue reading

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Have you ever had that “maybe this wasn’t such a good idea” feeling? Standing in the middle of a charred area surrounded by African brush and short trees, I had that feeling. This was not a standard tourist safari we … Continue reading

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Winter is a restless bedfellow. You can snuggle up with winter content in front of a soothing fire one day, and then be bitterly jabbed in the ribs by him the next as he presents a sky of gray sheet … Continue reading

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The Pull to Stop

     Driving in a foreign country can be a 3-D live action arcade game, especially if you are the driver. It is a cure all for boredom, a recipe for an ulcer.  Raw daily life just seems to spill out … Continue reading

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The Seduction of New

One of my favorite things to do on a Sunday afternoon is to explore small roads that I haven’t been on before. Before moving to Europe, I had imagined the sound of riding over a cobblestone street to be a … Continue reading

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